Fertilization Services For a Healthy Lawn


With routine fertilizer applications, lawns thrive during the entire growing season. Fertilization helps reduce weeds, recover from pests and foot traffic, and promote root growth. Most importantly, it replaces and replenishes essential nutrients that soil loses throughout the year, acting as your lawn’s “food”, together with sunshine and water. With this combination, turfgrass grows stronger and faster.


We only use MESA treated products, which is the best fertilizer currently on the market. It protects groundwater by not allowing nutrients to leech, breaks down uniformly for a longer nitrogen release, provides a consistently green color, and does not cause surge growth.

With MESA Treated

Green is dark in color and lawn is thick

Without MESA Treated

Green is light in color, and lawn is not as thick

The Best Times To Fertilize

Early Spring: A combined first application of fertilizer and pre-emergent crabgrass control, this slow-release fertilization helps jump-start your lawn after Winter. As temperatures begin to rise, these necessary nutrients support a quick green-up and strong, healthy root system for the upcoming growing season.

Late Spring: Another balanced, slow-release application (along with grub control) continues to build a strong root system for turfgrass, and helps sustain a deep green color throughout the Summer months. A second, FREE crabgrass treatment is applied too, to control weed growth.

Early Summer: Fertilizer’s key nutrient, Potassium, is applied to help stabilize grass through the Summer, increase drought tolerance and decrease the chance of wilting. We will continue to control weeds post-emergently, and provide a FREE surface insect treatment for webworms, chinch bugs and more.

Late Summer: This is a Lime application that includes calcium to sustain your lawn’s color and strength, by maintaining the lawn’s pH level. A weed control treatment is applied again at this time.

Fall: The last fertilization of the growing season comprises a specially-designed ratio of Potassium and Nitrogen elements. This promotes healthy color and vigor in the lawn and helps store the right amount of carbohydrates in the plant for Winter months. Another weed control treatment is applied at this time.

Additional Lawn Care Services

Aeration & Overseeding

Thicken healthy turf, therefore preventing weeds, and reduce soil compaction. We use an endophyte-enhanced grass seed that is developed to provide resistance to certain insects and diseases. This is recommended as an annual application.

Barrier Spray Tick Control

Repel insect activity in your yard, using plant-based essential oils safe for kids and pets. This is recommended as monthly applications May thru October.