Commercial Landscaping Services

Mountain View Landscape LLC, located in Cromwell, CT, proudly offers several types of commercial services. From smaller businesses to larger corporations, no job is too small or large. At Mountain View Landscape, we work with all commercial needs and budgets. Our maintenance services keep your property looking clean and fresh. All of our maintenance programs are catered to the individual needs of your landscape.

commercial property landscape maintenance

Stress-Free Maintenance

We realize that property owners and managers want reliable and professional maintenance services that pay attention to detail. No matter how large the property, our goal is to do a complete and thorough job every time. Our team is friendly, courteous, and always dressed professionally. Mountain View Landscape is the company you can rely on to always look and act respectfully to your residents, customers, and clients.

Talk to a commercial landscaping expert today. We take the time and care to understand the diverse needs of your property and offer you the right services to maintain it.


weekly commercial property maintenance

Property Maintenance

At Mountain View Landscape, we know that you want to present your business professionally, which is why we work tirelessly to create and maintain your landscape so it can look great all year long.

Learn more about our complete Weekly Maintenance services.


Spring & Fall Clean-Up

While you’re busy with your business’ indoor spring clean up, let us handle the great outdoors. Our ground care technicians will keep your landscape season-ready to show your clients that you take management of your property seriously.

Our spring services include:

  • Raking, blowing, and sweeping of all turf areas to achieve a neat appearance
  • Cleaning all planting and landscape beds or debris and raking of mulch
  • Parking lot sweeping, litter patrol

In keeping your commercial property season-ready all year round, we also offer fall cleanup.

Our fall services include:

  • Cleaning all planting and landscape beds of leaves and any accumulated debris
  • Cleaning parking lot
  • Leaf pickup

commercial mulching


Mulch is a great part of any landscape design and lawn care plan. It acts as a barrier, keeping the sunlight and some air away from the surface of your soil, helping your plants stay happy and healthy. There are several different types of mulch with differing benefits and uses. Mountain View Landscape is here to help you decide what’s best when it comes to mulching your property.

  • Weeding all beds
  • Edge all planting and landscape beds
  • Spread mulch
  • Apply Pre-Emergence application for control of weeds in bed

commercial property shrub care

Shrub Care

Shrubs are a beautiful addition to any landscape. They can be used as decoration, to enhance privacy, and as a low maintenance addition to your landscape design. Proper maintenance of your trees and shrubs will ensure they stay looking beautiful and healthy.

Trimming and pruning of shrubs not only enhances the look of your landscape but also stimulates new growth, help produce more blooms, and ensures the health and longevity of your plants.

  • Pruning hedges
  • Pruning all shrubs and ornamentals to maintain neat appearance

commercial property flower planting

Flower Program

Flowers add the pop of color and variety of texture to beautify your commercial property. Our flower program includes the planting and maintenance of annual flowers in both summer and fall seasons. We work with each of our customers to select the most visually appealing plants that are best suited for your property’s soil and sunlight.

Add the flower program to one or more of Mountain View Landscape’s services for complete commercial property maintenance.

  • Planting Annual Flowers (Spring, Summer and Fall)
  • Weekly Care
  • Fertilizing

Fertilizing Program

Make sure the lawns on your property are lush, green, and healthy. Fertilizer helps promote new leaf and root growth, mend damage from foot traffic and pests, reduce and control weed growth, and replenish vital nutrients. With different grass, soil, and fertilizer types, it’s easy to get lost in the how-tos of lawn fertilization. It can also be a time consuming, labor intensive process to get your lawn that perfect green. Mountain View Landscape has been maintaining pristine commercial properties for over two decades and has the right tools and knowledge to properly fertilize your lawn(s). Our comprehensive, five step program includes the following:

  • Spring – Fertilizer, pre-emergent crabgrass control, and broadleaf weed control as needed.
  • Late Spring/Summer – Fertilizer and broadleaf weed control as needed.
  • Summer – Fertilizer, weed control and surface feeding insect control.
  • Mid/Late Summer – Fertilizer and weed control as needed.
  • Fall – Fertilizer and broadleaf weed control as needed.