Best Giftees For Lawn Services

Do you have a friend or family member who is always the hardest to shop for during the holidays? Do they already have everything, or are extremely picky? Perhaps the best gift you could give them this year, is time. It seems that most of us can never get enough; enough for housework, enough for family togetherness, enough for hobbies. Whatever the need, time is valuable to most, and is the perfect gift for your loved one this year, in the form of landscaping!

Who would benefit the most from landscaping services? We’ve compiled the top 3 giftees below!

The New Homeowner

After buying a new home, for the first time as a young married couple or for the umpteenth time later in life, there is always a laundry list of “to-do’s” needed to make it feel like home. Numerous trips to the home improvement store dominate the weekends, and there usually isn’t much time leftover for outdoor maintenance or curb appeal

refreshes. First-time homebuyers may not know where to start, how to maintain a property, or how the necessary equipment yet to do so. By gifting a season of mowing, or a seasonal clean-up, you’ll help ease the stress of settling into a new home for that special someone.



The Frequent Traveler

Whether it be for work or vacation, those who travel frequently have limited time at home to keep up with landscaping. Days or weeks away from home wreak havoc on a yard and its surrounding planter beds (can you say, weeds?!). Your loved one will appreciate the peace of mind while they’re out of town, knowing that their yard isn’t embarrassing the neighborhood.



Ones With Limited Mobility

Personally maintaining a healthy yard can be very difficult for those with physical limitations or ailments. Walking behind a lawn mower, kneeling to weed the flower beds, or raking fallen leaves may be painful at best and impossible at worst. One example of homeowners who could fit this category are the elderly, primarily those who have remained in their family homes and have not yet downsized during retirement. By giving the gift of lawn service for a full season, your parent or grandparent can enjoy a manicured outdoor space without pushing or exceeding their physical limits. What could be better than that?



This year, break your gift-giving routine and surprise your giftee with landscaping services from Mountain View Landscape. Not only will they receive a season of maintenance, but also the time saved from doing it themselves!

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