Designing A Walkway For Your Home

As a homeowner, a walkway sets the stage for your home and makes for a beautiful entryway path for you and your guests. Not only are walkways a beautiful feature in the front yard, but they also serve a great purpose in the backyard, leading to a patio or a lovely garden. With various styles and designs available, you can easily find the best walkway design that will suit your taste and needs.

For your walkway, you have an assortment of material choices that can be used. One option is concrete. Though concrete is often associated with the gray color found in more utilitarian walkways, different concrete molds can be used to create concrete pathways using a variety of patterns and colors.

Concrete is a great material since it can be slip-resistant and easily cleaned. You can also opt to have your concrete walkway installed without any breaks or cracks, for a more fluid appearance and so you won’t need to worry about anyone slipping and falling on your property.

Another material for you to consider for your walkway design is natural stone. The types of stone that are often used for outdoor walkways are granite, limestone, marble, slate and travertine. This material provides a natural, durable and aesthetically appealing design for your walkway.

Brick is another material that you can use. Like stone, brick can also give a classic, glamorous look to your walkway. It is also durable and can be cleaned easily.

Once you have chosen the material, you can determine how the walkway will look. You may want a straight, practical path that leads your guests directly to your home. Perhaps you’d rather have a path that meanders, letting visitors admire the grounds as they leisurely stroll around your gardens. For those who want to make an artistic statement, you can install a walkway that zigzags to your destination or is in a shape of a flower.

Regardless of your taste, your personality or what you desire to tell visitors, you can find the perfect walkway design for your home. At Mountain View Landscaping we can help install walkways and more for your landscaping needs. Just call us today or click here for a quote.

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