How A Stone Wall Can Enhance Your Landscape

Stone walls are a beautiful addition to outdoor landscaping. From enhancing your curb appeal to improving your backyard entertainment area, stone wall design ideas are easy to find and include in your design plan. Some things to consider when adding a stone feature include the types of walls that are popular in your residential area, the best places on your property to build them, and finally how to seamlessly incorporate them into the landscape.

There are two basic types of stone walls: dry and mortared. Dry stone walls are constructed by stacking stones in an overlapping pattern that uses the friction of the rock to stabilize and keep the wall intact. Mortared walls, on the other hand, are stacked stones held together by concrete or mortar to create a more solid effect. The walls can also be free-standing or retaining. Freestanding walls are finished on the top and two sides, creating a kind of stone fence, while retaining walls are finished on the top and front and are meant to retain material on a slope. Both types are quite popular.

Stone walls can be both decorative and practical; for instance, a retaining wall can add charm to your yard while protecting it from erosion. One good location for a stone wall feature is the entrance to your property. Low walls around patios are also a popular way of setting off outdoor entertainment areas, while taller stone walls make an attractive enclosure for the entire back yard.

Because the size of the wall will depend on its purpose and location, there are a few things to remember when incorporating stone wall ideas into your landscape. First, for short walls of six to eighteen inches, such as garden and patio borders, smaller or thinner stones work best to achieve a layered look. Walls of eighteen inches to four feet in height, retaining walls, for example, work better when wider, block stones are used. Walls four feet and higher are generally used as privacy enclosures and should be of mortar construction using larger stones. Also, remember to select stones that complement the existing landscape and architecture.

Residential areas sometimes have that “cookie cutter” look, but as professional landscapers and stone masons we can help you create an outdoor environment with stone walls that is unique and stands out from the other homes on the block. If you’re ready to have a stone wall installed on your property give us a call! We’re happy to answer any and all of your questions. For pricing information click here for a quote.

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