How To Prepare Your Lawn For The Winter Ahead

Winter is coming, which means it’s time to make sure your landscape is ready. By performing the proper fall landscape maintenance projects now, you’re giving your landscape the best chance to survive the winter and be healthy for planting come springtime. Here’s what you should add to your fall landscape prep list:


Having your lawn, plants and shrubs fertilized is very important as a fall prep step. By fertilizing in the fall, you’re feeding your greenery with nutrients that it will store during the winter months, so come spring your landscape will look spectacular.

Keep Caring For Your Lawn

Proper lawn care is a very important fall task—whatever is completed now will set the stage for spring and the green grass you’ll be coveting. While you won’t have to have your grass mowed as often as in summer, don’t let grass get out of control this fall.

Clean Up

Did you know that if you don’t do any leaf removal, that the pretty carpet of leaves could actually discolor your grass? This happens because the debris is blocking out sunlight and much needed air. Additionally debris, dead foliage and dried up stems in your vegetable garden can attract bugs and animals, which can be detrimental to your landscape.


A layer of mulch adds interest to plant beds, but more importantly offers protection. Mulch insulates and holds moisture which is important in the winter and it also spruces up the appearance of your landscape. If you’re not sure what type of mulch to use for you plants and location, ask us! We’re happy to provide guidance as well as install mulch in your yard.

For help with any of these fall maintenance tasks call us at Mountain View Landscape or click here for a quote!

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