How To Protect Your Patio This Winter

As the weather cools it’s time to start packing up your patio furniture and closing up your outdoor living space. Apart from making sure your furniture is stored and safe from the elements, don’t forget about protecting your actual patio. Whether your patio is made with pavers, flagstone, slate or any other material, it’s crucial to ensure it’s protected from the snow and ice. To help you prep your patio for the impending winter we’ve created some very important patio protection Do’s and Don’ts.

Do Remove Weeds

Even though they’re small, weeds can cause big problems over time. They wedge themselves between your stones and not only creating an eyesore, but they can also throw your patio out of alignment.

Don’t Use Rock Salt

During the icy months one of the first go-to remedies to make your patio or walkway safe is to use rock salt. However, this product can erode your pavers and natural stone causing more damage to your patio in the long run.

Do Powerwash

Power washing is not just for siding and decking, its also works great on stone. It quickly clears off that tough dirt and grime buildup that can really detract from the beauty of your patio.

Don’t Fall Behind On Maintenance

Chances are this stone patio of yours didn’t come cheaply so it’s best to protect that investment with regular maintenance. Maintenance projects include power washing and weeding, listed above along with necessary repairs to cracked or loose stones.

Do Seal The Patio

Depending on the age and condition of your patio, you may want to consider having it sealed. A sealant will protect your patio from the elements and heavy foot traffic.

Don’t Do It Yourself

While there are DIY guides out there for patio maintenance and protection, it’s best to leave these jobs up to the professionals. At Mountain View Landscaping we can provide all of these maintenance services to protect your patio and other hardscape elements. For pricing information click here for a quote or give us a call.

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