Mulch: Choosing The Right One

You might not give much thought to the mulch in your yard, but it plays an important role in your landscaping. If you are shopping for some new landscaping materials, you already know this, but you might be struggling to decide which type will be best for your needs. You certainly have no shortage of options, so you can determine the best option by learning more about each kind.


Landscaping materials made of bark are ideal for a range of applications. It is aesthetically distinctive, and as such, a popular option for decorative purposes. It certainly has practical appeal, too, though. If you select this option, you will be able to enjoy its slow decomposition. This makes it a more permanent choice than some other options, but it will need to be aged properly before you are able to use it this way.

Pine Needles

Pine needles are another popular selection for landscaping materials. These offer a great mulch option for plants such as roses, evergreens and azaleas. All of these have one thing in common, their acidity, and pine needles suit their chemistry well. In order to take full advantage of this option, you should create layers that are between four and eight inches with a clearance of approximately one inch around the plant’s base. Needles should also be aged rather than fresh. This will create ideal conditions for your soil and plants.


In addition to natural materials, there are several synthetic options that you may choose for mulch. Some of these include plastic sheets, stones or recycled rubber. Each of these is ideal for different applications, so if you are considering opting for a synthetic landscaping material, you should consult with a professional landscaper prior to doing so.

There are a range of ways to create the landscaping effect you want. For the best results, however, a landscaper can help you with the project.

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