The Benefits Of A Retaining Wall

One of the best ways to add aesthetic appeal to your landscape while also increasing your land area is to add a retaining wall. A retaining wall is a stone wall that is commonly built into sloped landscapes to add flat land area, protect the home’s foundation and enhance curb appeal. If your home has a sloped landscape consider these added benefits of a retaining wall:

Foundation Protection

Retaining walls are designed to work against gravity. If your home is built on even the slightest slope, soil can fall away from your foundation, causing your landscape to erode over time. This erosion can potentially damage the structure of your home, creating big problems for you and your wallet. To prevent this, retaining walls decrease the angle of the slope and hold soil in place so that your home doesn’t fall victim to land erosion.

More Land Area

For sloped landscapes it’s difficult to grow gardens and established flower beds, but with a retaining wall you can actually get more use out of sloped land. They provide a homeowner with more flat ground to plant flowers and other greenery. The walls offer functional partitions between open grass and gardens, as well as offer unique layers to a landscape.

Patio Seating

Finally, you can make the most of your retaining wall if you transform it into a functional seating area. You can add cushions to the ledge or have a bench installed against the wall to create a more cozy space.

Retaining walls are extremely beneficial for sloped landscapes, but can also be an eye-catching addition to your landscape design. At Mountain View Landscape, LLC we are happy to provide retaining wall design ideas and installations that fit your home’s landscape and your budget. Call us or click here for a quote!

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