The Importance Of Proper Lawn Fertilization

All summer long you’ve been working towards a green and lush lawn. The work can often feel tedious and the projects daunting, especially if you don’t have a green thumb. However, there’s good news. It doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems especially with an experienced landscaper by your side. Landscapers are full of vital knowledge that you could use. For example, we all know that fertilizer is important, but knowing how to use it properly can really boost the appearance of your landscape.

When it comes to lawn care, applying fertilizer is less about frequency and more about the right timing. Both too much and not enough can cause damage to the plants. How often a lawn should be fertilized depends on the type of grass you have. Some grow more in the warmer seasons, while others are active in the colder months. You should fertilize a lawn before its active growth period begins to ensure it has plenty of nutrients to see it through. Regularity is the key. Once every season, depending on the conditions, may be the perfect fertilizer schedule for your lawn. Giving your plants what they need when they need it is the best way to achieve a full green lawn. Any fertilizer you plan to use on your lawn should be looked into first. Many are cautious of non organic products, which can contain harmful chemicals. At the same time, they can also be a good option if your soil conditions are not ideal. The right choice all depends on your needs.

No matter what your lawn needs, we will be able to point you toward the best lawn care plan for your landscape. Everyone’s yard is different, and therefore requires different care. However, most every lawn could use some fertilization, especially when applied at just the right time. Though the process may appear complicated to those embarking on their first try, there is nothing to fear with a good landscaper by your side. Call us or click here for a quote!

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